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I am a young forty something husband to the most beautiful woman and father to the most beautiful girl and to the most handsome lil dude who strives to become a better person in all ways.

As an avid fitness buff whose favorite sport is tennis, I desire to gather true tennis knowledge and wisdom and write about it in a way that might help anyone of interest become a more healthy and able “racqueteer.”







  1. Vincent Xie says:

    Hi Shack!

    I have a question about restringing my racket and mixing strings. I am currently using a Wilson n6 Hybrid blue 103. I am wondering about restringing my racket using Babolat RPM Blast (power type black color) and Hurricane Feel (comfort type blue color).

    What’s your opinion on this?

    • Shack Shack says:

      Greetings Vincent!

      Thanks for checking us out and for your question! Please tell your friends about us as well! By the way, are you in China?

      Well, first, let me just say that your racquet is one of my favorites in its particular price range! Not only does it look and feel good, it actually is one of the more flexible sticks on the market – which is very important for long term arm health! So, good choice on the n6 Hybrid!

      One suggestion for your n6 would be to add lead tape and weight it the right way (making it 4 to 12 points head light) in order to add more swingweight and allow you to hit heavier balls while protecting your arm.

      As per restringing, I want to be careful in advising you. There are so many strings available, and I don’t know much about you, your playing style or your arm health. The RPM Blast and the Hurricane Feel are actually quite similar to each other relative to the breadth of options in the string world. Yes, these two strings have some differences, but I would not personally mix them together. I would choose one or the other. If you are wanting power and spin combined with comfort and feel, I would suggest either RPM or Hurricane in the mains and then a quality natural gut or multi-filament in the crosses. If you can afford it, the Babolat VS Touch 16 is an excellent natural gut.

      I hope this helps and please reply back if you would like to chat more!

  2. Weldon Rice says:

    I just watched my man Rafa kill it in three sets to win his 10th French Open. It got me thinking about Tennis and I thought to myself, “I wonder if Jay still writes on his blog?” I was happy to find you are still rolling man! Hope all is well in Panama. I am in Seoul now and enjoying the smoggy life we live over in North East Asia.. ha ha. Thinking about getting back into Tennis, although it is not easy to find free courts here in Seoul. You need a membership for almost all of them. Still, if I can get my wife on board, might try to go for it this summer. Pray that you are staying blessed!


    • Shack Shack says:

      Greetings Weldon!

      Great to hear from you! Yep, Rafa’s La Decima at Roland Garros was absolutely amazing…even though I did not see any of it live. Glad you got to see it! I have not been quite as active with The Racquet Shack as I would like to be…been super busy with work and with the two kiddos! But, I do manage to write here and there. I also have a new set of Babolat Addiction strings I am wanting to try out…gotta wrestle with the rainy weather we’ve been having though! Cool you are still making it work in Korea! One of my co-workers is relocating his entire family to Daejeon in a couple of months…maybe you can give him some advice on settling in! Hope you find a place to play some tennis and can convince your wife to join you! Tell her she needs to support your tennis habit so you can stay healthy and live to a hundred 🙂

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