Babolat Addiction Strings Review!


So for the first time in a long time I will be playing without my favorite Babolat VS Touch 16 strings! I have raved about the VS Touch here in the past and still believe it to be one of the best strings on the market. But it is pricey! Moreover, and the main reason I am opting to switch for the time being, is that I am just not sure about its durability here in this uber humid climate! The VS Touch comes from a special cow in New Zealand, and it is not too fond of getting wet (the strings that is…I don’t know if the cow is fond of getting wet). Thus, I have made the difficult choice 🙂 of going with the Babolat Addiction 16 as a hopefully suitable “replacement.” I don’t expect it to play quite the same (quite as good), but I am thinking it will get the job done! It is nylon (synthetic gut) which means it will play softer on the arm than a polyester or kevlar (all things equal). And, it is a multi-filament (many strands woven together) which means it will play softer on the arm than a single core (all things equal). Of course, it is designed for playability as well (control slightly more than power), and its durability is supposed to be pretty good! We will see! If any of y’all have experience with the Babolat Addiction, please drop me a line to give me your take! In the meantime, spring is here for most of us, and it’s time to dust of those tennis shoes! Cheers!

I am a young forty something husband to the most beautiful woman and father to the most beautiful girl and to the most handsome lil dude who strives to become a better person in all ways. As an avid fitness buff whose favorite sport is tennis, I desire to gather true tennis knowledge and wisdom and write about it in a way that might help anyone of interest become a more healthy and able "racqueteer."

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