January 1, 2012

Gamma C-3 Easy Playtest Review

Happy new year to all my wonderful readers! I played tennis a couple of weeks ago for the first time since shoulder surgery last June, and […]
December 15, 2011

Exercise Bands for Tennis Training

I have been using exercise bands, also known as fitness tubes, as part of my shoulder rehab routine for the past several months. As my rehab comes to […]
December 11, 2011

Running for Tennis Training

I want to give a shout out to my friend, Steve, who is a great source of running advice and hosts www.bearfootrunning.blogspot.com where he waxes eloquently […]
December 7, 2011

Just Move…Activity and Overall Health

I came across a fascinating article entitled, Could a treadmill desk save your life?, printed in The Telegraph several days ago. Author John Preston summarizes research by […]
December 1, 2011

Shoulder Press Exercise for Tennis Training

The shoulder press, also called the overhead press or military press, is a primary and common weight lifting exercise to build shoulder strength. The basic movement of the […]
November 21, 2011

How to Stay Fit for Weekend Tennis

Many of us have schedules that allow little freedom for tennis Monday through Friday. Weekends become our respite for all sorts of refreshing activities, including some […]
November 14, 2011

Shack’s Shoulder Status Eight

I “survived” my last regularly scheduled shoulder checkup a few days ago and received the “green light” to hit the courts again and return to all normal […]
November 7, 2011

The Racquet Shack…Not Just Another Tennis Blog

Well here we are…celebrating the 3 month anniversary of The Racquet Shack as a tennis blog devoted to helping people do tennis in a healthier and better […]
November 5, 2011

Shack’s Shoulder Status Seven

Well…as I approach the 5 month mark since surgery, I understand quite fully why they talk about refraining from tennis for at least 6 months. My […]
November 3, 2011

Coffee and Tennis?

As the weather gets colder this time of year (I know…you folks in Australia and Argentina are gearing up for summer fun), we tend to keep […]
November 1, 2011

Tennis Warehouse Guide for Racquet Modification

Modifying the racquet you have or the one you will eventually get is the best way to personalize racquet fit and thus optimize long-term hand/arm/shoulder health. […]
October 27, 2011

Wilson nCode n6 Hybrid Suggestion

I frequent Academy Sports + Outdoors regularly to check out their tennis section as I happen to live near one of their stores. Academy is a […]