July 26, 2012

Measuring Fitness Levels for Tennis and for Life!

I am always having interesting conversations about exercise and fitness with friends and acquaintances, not always as applied to tennis, but as you all know me […]
July 12, 2012

Babolat VS Touch 16 Natural Gut Strings Review!

When I purchased my ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE a couple of months ago, I had it setup with premium grade Babolat VS Touch 16 natural […]
July 1, 2012

Donnay and Their Direct Racquet Demo Program

Donnay sent me an email several days ago advertising the company’s direct demo program whereby they will send you up to 3 racquets to try for […]
June 25, 2012

Tennis Health and the Heat

Driving up the boulevard this afternoon as I made my way home, I noticed the large electronic clock/thermometer of a local business beaming, “111.” But, it was […]
June 16, 2012

ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE Playtest and Racquet Review

Well, a couple of posts ago, I predicted that Nadal would take the French Open title over Djokovic in four sets! Hey…got this one right 🙂 What […]
June 11, 2012

ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE Playtest and QTour Intrigue

As I eagerly await the rain delayed French Open men’s final later this morning between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, I am even more eager to playtest my […]
June 3, 2012

Li Na and the French Open Revisited!

I want to apologize to my faithful readers for having not posted in about two weeks…this is way too long to be silent 🙂 I just […]
May 21, 2012

Li Na, Li Na, Li Na, Li Na!

Li Na made the final in Rome on Sunday, and although she lost the match, her success in this tournament reminded me of her record setting […]
May 19, 2012

SHARRS – Shack’s Healthy Arm Racquet Rating System

If you look to your right, you will see here at www.theracquetshack.com our latest innovation, a new and unique way to measure the healthiness of your […]
May 6, 2012

One Last Wilson KBold and a New ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE

Well my buddy, BBold, was a better researcher than I this last week as he found one final batch of new Wilson KFactor KBold sticks for […]
April 29, 2012

Wilson KBold Gone…Get Your BLX Bold Before Gone Too!

My friend and hitting partner, BBold, has been considering making his weighted Wilson KFactor KBold his primary racquet with which to really begin focusing on meshing […]
April 24, 2012

Nadal Beats Djokovic in Monte Carlo and a New Dunlop!

Well, I am virtually 100% again after some rest and antibiotics! Yes…better living through chemistry 🙂 This alone would have made it a good weekend! But […]